Small lot production
allows us to make
high-quality and highly
durable bowls

Professional Pride

The attention paid to the excellence of a meal is brought to life by the shape and beauty of its tableware.
For twenty years, we have specialized in the design and production of bowls in Toki City, the center of the traditional Mino Pottery.
Our bowls retain its high quality even if used at a business for a long period of time.
The color and shapes of our bowls reflects users’ needs in details. We have abundant knowledge and experience regarding the capacity of pottery to contribute to shops’ profitability.
These factors make our bowls very popular among many successful ramen shop and restaurant owners.
A guest’s impression of a restaurant comes not only from the food, but also from the dish in which it is served.


We integrate both the design and production of traditional Mino Pottery in Toki. See our high-quality products backed by traditional techniques and beloved by well-known, successful stores.

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One plate which is made by traditional method used from ancient times in Japan bring out the deliciousness of Japanese cuisine to the maximum.

Why don’t you use “Donburi” highly evaluated by famous ramen noodle shops and udon noodle shops?
Famous restaurants advancing into overseas markets are using our plates in their overseas shops. For example, in the USA, Europe and Asia and so on. Do you know the reason why some shop are evaluated in Japan and abroad?
We don’t taste our foods only by the taste and the smell, but also feel the deliciousness by the plate.
Yamasanmiyake produce these plates with thinking not only size and color, but also feeling of touch and texture. This is because we want to bring out deliciousness of cuisines to the maximize.
Our plates are “Minoyaki” which are made by traditional method used from 9 centuries. These have high quality and made from safe clay and dye. Moreover these are handmade by professional staffs one by one.
Present “Minoyaki” made by traditional method and latest technology are hard to be broken and have vivid color. These have the best quality in all plates.
High quality plates attract people’s interest. The plates which are hard to be broken and vivid color make huge profit by low cost in the end.
Producing technology loved by a lot of famous restaurants is only “Yamasanmiyake method”.
If you want to use supreme plates for Japanese restaurants, please let Yamasanmiyake know.

CEO Shinya Miyake


The Donburi which is famous in not only in Japan but also in other countries.

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High quality “Donburi” are made by a lot of experiences and knowledges. These keep their beauty by high quality for a long time. Our plates make huge profit for you.

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October 1946
Shinya Miyake
Description of business
Production of plate for business, original ceramics and other planning, manufacturing and sales license goods.